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We start by listening to what you want us to know


What you and your child tell us is the basis of our work


We work 1:1 with your child to build a trusting relationship


We trial different strategies to find what works


We train and support you to use the strategies that work.

The work of MN Well Child Support is founded on providing a service which is tailored to you and your child’s needs. Our initial step is always to listen and try to understand what you are telling us. 

In many cases our clients tell us they have had to speak to many different professionals and don’t always feel listened to or taken seriously. We want to change that. 

We will meet you and your child in your own home, and we will take note of what you have to tell us.

After our initial assessment, we will spend an average of four sessions getting to know your child. These 1:1 sessions will be built upon play, talking and understanding how best to obtain a trusting relationship. 

We firmly believe that therapeutic plans and strategies which are based on a single short consultation are often ineffective. Instead we invest the time in developing a proper relationship so that we can trial and suggest strategies which are based on the actual needs and context for your child.

It is important that these sessions are regular and frequent at least in the beginning, so we recommend that our time with your child is weekly. A typical session will last an hour and will take place in your home at a time which suits you..

Having developed a trusting relationship with your child, we then move to a more therapeutic phase of our work, where we will trial some different approaches to tackle the issues you have identified.

We cannot promise immediate results, and we encourage everyone to understand the importance of patience when supporting complex emotional issues. However we do promise resilience, determination and effort.

Since our practitioners have a long history of working with children with similar issues, they have a considerable array of resources and strategies they can explore to find those which are most effective.

The concluding stage of our support is where we share with you the most effective strategies.

The nature of this concluding stage will vary from child to child and will depend upon the strategies which are most useful. In many cases we may need to support you to learn new strategies and we are committed to providing hands on training and assistance so that the improvements which our practitioner may have achieved can be maintained.

Unlike other services, we do not have a set number of sessions in any particular support plan. We do not limit the number of times we are willing to work with your child. We do not try to simply “sign post” you to other services. 

Our aim is to work collaboratively with you, over whatever period of time is required, to develop a plan and some strategies which genuinely help. Ours is not a one size fits all model, but rather a personalised approach which is founded on understanding and responding to your needs and your context. 

Mel's support was invaluable in overcome our son's phobia of school. She took the time to get to know our child and built up a rapport which was essential to him being willing to accept her help.

J. Adams


We had tried to get support from a number of other agencies, but Well Child Support were the first people who seemed willing to listen

P Smith


Our daughter built up such a great bond with Mel, she was one of the first adults that our daughter felt truly listened to her.

M Smith